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Granger Vinall

After graduation from Northern Arizona University, Granger and a couple of partners started a dental insurance company, from little more than an idea. This idea eventually became Dental-Net, Inc and Employers Dental Services, Inc the premiere integrated dental service provider in the Southwest United States. After 15 years of hands on inclusive leadership, he took the company from a $2MM organization and transformed it into an enterprise with revenues greater than $25MM. Along the way, he led the acquisition of two competitors, guided the business through the buy-out of a number of existing partners, and established himself as an involved business owner and genuine CEO. In 1998, he led the team that sold the company to The Principal Financial Group, a Fortune 50 Financial Services Company

Next, Granger took his talents to the franchise industry. In 2001, and for the next 7 years, Granger owned and operated four UPS stores in Tucson. As he had at Dental-Net, he "walked around" daily using the same interactive leadership approach to create an environemnet of honesty, positivity, and profitability. He was a founding member of PACE, the national integration committee designed to help UPS understand and integrate the needs of successful franchisees into the UPS business model of today.

In 2008, after profitably exiting the franchise business, Granger became a partner and CEO of Professional Medical Services, a medical billing and coding company. There he moved the company culture to one of openness and transparency designed to enhance employee performance, reduce turnover, delight customers and increase profitability. He worked with existing management and staff on the use of continuous business improvement techniques and professionalism in their current assignments while requiring them to challenge him and the status quo. In the three years he was there he took a “mom and pop” company that was just completing tasks and reacting to the crisis de jour, to a company that was proactively getting things done and responding to opportunities.

In 2009, while still at Professional Medical Services, he joined the Board of Directors at University Physicians Healthcare, Inc. (UPH), the 600 doctor medical practice plan of the University of Arizona College of Medicine. In 2010, UPH and the University Medical Center (UMC) agreed to consider a merger. Granger was invited to join the due diligence committee and spent the majority of that year creating a deal structure that was beneficial to all parties involved. Upon closing of the more than $1 billion merger, Granger was chosen as the clear and unanimous choice to be the first Chairman of the Board of Directors of the newly formed University of Arizona Health Network. His term and daily involvement with UAHN ended honorably in the summer of 2012.

The constellation of experiences from his life, personal and business, positive and negative, have helped Granger to garner skills in providing consistent, proactive leadership that create the environments necessary to improve performance and profitability, both on the individual and organizational level.

Some of Granger’s proven areas of expertise are:
• Leadership and Leadership Development
• Identifying and implanting changes needed to achieve business growth
• Successful Communication within all levels of business
• Recognizing, Encouraging, and Creating Opportunity for Employee Achievement
• Organized, Goal-Oriented Thinking
• Team Building, Collaboration, and Partnership
• Continuous Process Improvement
• Identifying Necessary Culture Changes, Recognizing/Improving Current Cultures
• Strategic Planning and Execution on Priorities
• Determine Crucial Management Changes
• Successful Mergers and Acquisitions


Granger Vinall
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