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Tired of hiring your competitor’s rejects?

You can’t build a great business around average employees. Ask yourself, “Where have your great employees come from?” My guess is that “cream” rose to the top rather than you stole the person from your competition.

Watch a video to learn how to build great talent instead of settle for other’s castaway employees:

51 Fatal Business Errors #1 from Jim Muehlhausen on Vimeo.

Video highlights: Hiring your Competitor’s Rejects

  • Give up on hiring experienced people
  • Goal is to create a highly-repeatable process to recruit future superstars
  • Find or create a test to discover the aptitudes you need
  • Create an automated or semi-automated process to screen candidates such as a video FAQ
  • Have a solid training program in place once they are hired
  • Real-world example from manufacturer

If you will change your hiring and training practices, you can substantially improve your business model. The best business models find ways to develop talent rather than steal great people from other companies.