School of Hard Knocks

Owning a business automatically enrolls you in the School of Hard Knocks. The only way to learn valuable lessons is the hard and expensive way. What if it didn’t have to be this way? Other business owners are learning the same lessons. By sharing experiences and wisdom, the cost of the School of Hard Knocks can be dramatically decreased.

Every CEO needs a peer group

They say it’s lonely at the top, and they are right! It’s not easy calling all the shots and getting it right every time.

The only people who understand that are other business owners. That’s why we bring together groups of business owners to:

  • Speed growth by sharing best practices
  • Learn what’s working in the real world to speed growth
  • Get valued input on big decisions
  • Get positive accountability from CEOs who know you and your business

Learn More

See our learning opportunities. Our webinars and workshops focus on "actionable content." Theory only goes so far, so we will always show you the action plan and next steps needed.
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