Are you experiencing daily stress from any of the following common errors small businesses make every day? If you don’t address them, the recession will take its toll.

  • I work in my business. It’s like I own a job!
  • I’m too busy to build my sales process and, anyway, sales people just never seem to work out. Why bother?
  • No one else can do (fill in blank) as well as I can.
  • My two stick approach: hire quickly, terminate slowwwllyyy…Why do I have so many under-performing people?


We are pleased to announce an upcoming CEO Focus Best Practices Forum!

The event will be on Tuesday, July 31, 2018 at Shulman Rogers offices in Park Potomac, Maryland. The event will bring together local business owners to discuss business issues as well as “The 51 Fatal Business Errors.”

This is a business owner (owner, CEO, President) event and there are only 14 seats available, so an RSVP and qualification as a business owner with a minimum in sales is required (this is to ensure that we have common issues around the table). Your $149 ticket is being provided compliments of M&T Bank and Shulman Rogers. To qualify, please complete the form below.

Come discover how to master these and 47 other common business errors we have uncovered over the years with our clients, and talk it all over with fellow CEOs at the CEO Focus Best Practices Forum. Come ready to discuss the strategic aspects of your business.

Event Details:

The 51 Fatal Business Errors
Tuesday, July 31, 2018
8:00 am to 11:15 am
Shulman Rogers


Host & Presenter:

Ron Wills
CEO Focus Maryland/DC


A message from the Author of:

51 Fatal Business Errors

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