Are you experiencing daily stress from any of the following common errors small businesses make every day? If you don’t address them, the recession will take its toll.

  • I work in my business. It’s like I own a job!
  • I’m too busy to build my sales process and, anyway, sales people just never seem to work out. Why bother?
  • No one else can do (fill in blank) as well as I can.
  • My two stick approach: hire quickly, terminate slowwwllyyy…Why do I have so many under-performing people?


CEO Focus Central Florid is proud to offer “Master of Business Ownership”, an exclusive six course seminar, at an affordable price of $95 per session or $500 for the full six-month program, paid at the beginning. Business owners have made over a million dollars from these sessions.


What is the program?

Each month, participants attend a two-hour training course which also focuses on how the lesson will be implemented in the business. Here are the courses and dates:

  • September 25th: “The 51 Fatal Business Errors and how to avoid them”
  • October 23rd: 98/2 Delegation ™: How entrepreneurs learn to delegate in tough environments
  •  November 20th: Managing from a KPI dashboard: The key performance management
  • January 22nd: Creating a hiring and training system to consistently create superstar employees
  • February 19th: Designing an Operations Plan so your business runs like a Swiss watch without you
  • March 19th: Creating a Proven and Repeatable Sales Process
  • April 23rd: Exit or Half-Retire: Strategies for preparing your company


How you can benefit:

  • Every session is loaded with not only great ideas, but great implementation strategies to make more money in your business
  • Gain the secrets and knowledge that can propel your business to the next level
  • It’s motivational. Participating in a group setting with other growth-minded CEOs is inspiring
  • Follow these lessons and you WILL make more money

Uwe Wetzel, President CEO Focus Central Florida presents this seminar.
The event takes place at Maitland Wellness Center, 237 Lookout Place, Maitland, FL 32751 (see above dates in 2018) starting in February 2018 from 8:30am to 10:30am

The cost of the seminar is $95 per session.

Seats are limited, so please sign up below and we will confirm your reservation asap.


Uwe Wetzel

President – CEO Focus Central Florida

C: 803-446-8907

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