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I would hate to add up the hours my company spends fighting and deleting spam on our blogs.  It’s massive.  Spam is not in our business plan or business model.  It is simply an unfortunate cost of business.

During my research on spam prevention, I stumbled upon the culprit: xRumer 5.  This is a program used by wanna-be link builders to spam the daylights out of us.  xRumer is the scourge of the blog universe, right?

I love spam?

However, one clever online entrepreneur has flipped the business model and harnessed the power of spam.  This clever Brit flipped the problem.   All he did was create an open forum and allowed automatic posting of comments, including those from spammers.  Within a few months, the spammers created over one million pages of content and hits to match.  The website entrepreneur used a Google AdWords business model and monetized the traffic.

Prior to all the spam, he had a fledgling, low traffic website.  After his clever business model trick, he had a viable website.  I guess thanks to the spammers is in order?

Is a Google AdWords business model the only way to capitalize on the scourge of blog spam?  What are your thoughts?