Focus vs. the right focus

Focus vs. the right focus

Both of the runners below are intensely focused. However, one runner is focused on running fast while the other is focused on everything BUT running.

focused runners

In today’s business environment, constant interruptions from technology, customers, employees, and more can make it difficult to focus on “running.”

If you feel like the juggling of too many tasks is slowing you down, watch the 5-minute overview of our presentation Is Busyness Stifling Your Business.

2 thoughts on “Focus vs. the right focus”

  1. Echo Karras says:

    Thank you – I have struggled with “busyness” stifling my business and I will find a way to delegate tasks to a tech-savvy assistant. Looking forward to freeing myself up to do what I love and what I’m good at – meeting with people!

  2. Adam Wade says:

    This is an excellent and very helpful video with information that is gold! Believe it or not, the vast majority of business owners struggle with this very issue. As a business coach, I highly recommend paying close attention and following the counsel found in this video clip above. If you still struggle, imagine how helpful it would be to be a part of a CEO Focus group that would help you see even better what to do to turn things around for your business. Lets get to work! 🙂

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