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Howard Hubler

After graduating from high school in Indianapolis in, Howard attended Indiana University and received an undergraduate Bachelor degree in History. Howard went on to receive a Masters degree in Higher Education from Indiana University as well. From there, he enrolled in the Higher Ed doctoral program at IU and completed one semester.

Howard entered the School of Higher Education in post graduate work as he was the president of the Inter-Fraternaty council as a senior. There he worked closely with the Dean of Students and faculty and college work piqued his interest. In his first semester in Higher Education, Howard worked with Bill Armstrong, head of the Indiana Alumni. Bill taught a class to deans from all over the country and Howard was his teaching assistant. The thrust of the class was fund raising at the “major university’ level. Howard never forgot the few months working with Armstrong, who went on to become a pioneer in major fundraising in the modern university. Today, the “Little 500” stadium at Indiana University is named after Bill.

Howard left graduate school early as his father had just purchased the family auto dealership from his uncle, and Howard was invited to join in the new management team there. From this point on, both Howard and the dealership prospered. With his 2 brothers Brad and John, at one time they had over 10 auto sales locations and 5 collision centers and 2 car washes in central indiana and Florida spanning a period of 30 years.

During this time, Howard built 4 dealerships from greenfield to business, and did a major remodel on 3 others. He and his team started 4 collision centers from empty rooms to thriving businesses. During all of this time he had a history of training and mentoring whereby one had to be able to “duplicate their success”. Success properly done is a process. It must be written down in a trainable format so that it can be continued on indefinitely with measurable’s to keep it efficient. This, according to Howard is much of what separates thriving businesses from those just poking along.

During all of this 30 year journey, Howard was a member of National Auto Dealers Association. This is the recognized association of the new auto dealer. He went farther than that, however, he was a member of their small group, the famous “NADA Dealer 20 organization. The highest honor that they can give a dealer is to use his profit and loss statement as a part of their “benchmark” guide. For many years , their Chevrolet dealership was statistically considered one of the best and was a benchmark store.

Howard and his wife Janet are avid fund raisers today. They are on an international board; Overseas Council. This organization supports theological seminaries in the third world. These schools offer degrees from 2 year Associates degrees to Doctorate degrees. Howard has flown all around the third world with the OC board attending board meetings of the various schools and consulting with them on issues ranging from sustainability to constructing new buildings. He has from time to time been in political hot beds and flown into countries on a visa just days after peace treaties have been siged. Tanks, sand bags and machine guns unfortunately are not too uncommon in some areas of the world. Janet just finished a major down town “gala” ball and broke every previous attendance and dollar record for a local non profit.

Howard and Janet are active behind the scenes in the conservative community. They have supported Mike and Karen Pence from day one with Mikes first successful congressional run. They spent the inaugural week end with the Governor as a fitting tribute to a long journey along with several other couples that were committed to help the Pence’s get into the state house and help Indiana remain fiscally conservative.

Today, Howard has three children, all in the automobile business in Indianapolis. Greg is the general manager for Hubler Mazda, while Russ is a manager for Hubler Chevrolet used cars. They graduated from Indiana University with  certificates from NADA dealer Academy. Daughter Christi graduated from University of Indianapolis after a year at Linn University in Florida. She currently works in the area of automotive finance. Her goal in the next couple of years is to attend the NADA Academy as well.

Today, Howard is driven to helping the small business man and woman find his or her way around the crazy market place. He wants every one to reach their potential. Sometimes the key to success in right under the business owners nose, it just takes an outsider and some critical questioning to find it. Howard wants to “go on the journey ” with a handful of really committed people. He want to invite interested individuals to attend a monthly small group and a monthly “one on one”. Somewhere between the “power of the peer group” and the “one on one”, are the answers that can allow the open minded aware CEO the experience to fully realize his companies potential. For the better part of his career, Howard has mentored groups of CEO’s running his business. He has run into most every type of challenge there is. He is a seasoned highly driven coach, Connect him with a highly motivated CEO and there is no telling where they may go!



While the coaching platform of CEO Focus is peer group (mastermind) facilitation, he also works with company owners/senior managers individually on specific issues.

  • Strategic planning for organizations
  • Developing business plans for presentations to banks or potential buyers of the organization
  • In depth financial and cash flow analysis
  • Marketing and business development
  • Process development and improvement
  • Organizational and team development
  • Turnarounds, acquisitions and business integrations

Howard Hubler, Regional Director

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