PrattRichard A. “Rick” Pratt started his first business at the age of 10, entrepreneuring his way through school and getting a degree in Economics. As a small business owner for more than 25 years Rick has been living the dream, taking an average of 8-10 weeks of vacation a year and rarely working over 40 hours a week and all the while “working in the trenches” of small businesss. In 2006 Rick sold his last business for all cash and took an early retirement at the age of 46. He is certain he can guide you to this same level of prosperity and success he has achieved and since 2009 he came out of his early retirement to do just that.

Since mid 2009 Rick has a proven record of delivering innovative solutions for small businesses through direct programs and through coaching & consulting processes; specializing in marketing, sales, management, systemization, strategic planning, human resources and life balance issues. His big picture mentality is a huge asset that balances perfectly with his detail oriented perspective ensuring that any plan or action item is positioned and prioritized properly and executed so as to achieve the desired results. Most of the clients Rick started with are still working with him today and many have achieved extraordinary growth in revenue, profits and/or total life improvement.

As the CEO and chief logistician for adventure travel expeditions managed by his adventure travel business, Rick has demonstrated that his leadership style works in a variety of real life situations. Rick is particularly proud of his relationships with his soul mate and wife, Deana, a mid-level executive working in the oil and gas industry, and his three grown children, Heather, Richard & Tasha who are all succeeding in today’s chaotic world.

He is also proud of his dedication and service to his community and church and his role as a ski patroller at Arapahoe Basin ski area. When Rick is not living and breathing small business he spends his free time in the outdoors as an extreme telemark-skier, rock climber, mountaineer, hiker, biker and sea kayaker. Rick not only knows what is most important in his life but lives those truths on a daily basis. He will guide you through the processes unique to you and your company to lead you to your “unique definition” of success.

To hear what some of Rick’s clients have to say about him and his groups click here.

  • While the coaching platform of CEO Focus is peer group (mastermind) facilitation, he also works with company owners/senior managers individually on specific issues.
  • Adept at strategic planning for organizations.
  • In depth financial and cash flow analysis.
  • Developing business plans for presentations to banks or potential buyers.
  • Systems building and implementation.
  • Interim management support.
  • Turnarounds, Sales, Acquisitions and Mergers

Rick Pratt, Regional Director

CEO Focus Metro Denver

905 S. Gaylord Street

Denver, CO 80209

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Duane Reed has a wealth of experience extending over 25 years. As the manager of a financial services company for six years, Duane hired, trained and managed over 60 employees. He has facilitated customized, proprietary trainings for NASA, US Army Recruiters and hundreds of companies ranging from Fortune 20 to small businesses. Duane conservatively estimates he has consulted or trained over 4,000 organizations and some 150,000 individual employees, managers, executives and business owners in over 120 different industries. Duane is a contributing author to the book A Guide to Getting It: Remarkable Management Skills.

Duane’s areas of consulting, coaching and training expertise include: Small Business Sustainability and Profitability, Culture Management — Strategic and Tactical Planning, Improve Time-management, Motivation and Productivity, Employee Training and Development – Succession Management, Executive Leadership, Communication and Interaction Skills Development, Team Trust Building and Improving Teamwork, Sales, Marketing, Branding and Customer Service Improvement, Public Speaking and Facilitation, and Improving Life and Work Balance.

  • While the coaching platform of CEO Focus is peer group (mastermind) facilitation, he also works with company owners/senior managers individually on specific issues.
  • Strategic planning
  • Developing business plans for presentations to banks or potential buyers of the organization.
  • Interim management support.
  • Sales management & training.

Duane Reed, Regional Director

CEO Focus Metro Denver

2685 S. Dayton Way Suite 184

Denver, CO 80231

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