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Mike delivers a purposeful perspective and over 30 years of leadership experience to the challenge of building healthy organizations and a culture of sustainable high performance.  Mike has experience as CEO, owner, board member and sales leader for small, medium and large organizations.  His demonstrated history of success in both the for-profit and not for profit worlds speaks to his passion for achieving results by establishing a clear vision, building strong teams and creating both role and organizational clarity. Mike quickly identifies key deficiencies and expedites methods to correct them.  With his integrity, intelligence and energy Mike helps develop plans and teaches techniques to drive businesses to the next level.

After getting a degree in Business Administration, Mike began his career as an underwriter trainee in commercial insurance and has literally worked his way to the top. Not a stranger to hard work, Mike has firsthand experience wearing the many hats of the small to medium business owner.  He has known the challenges of owning and leading small/medium size businesses and has successful experience turning around organizations with revenue between $3M-$25M.  His familiarity of trainee to CEO sharpens his perspective at all levels of management and all levels of organizational health.  Mike understands the isolation of leadership and the need to constantly seek industry best practices.

By providing a trusted, non-judgmental environment, Mike believes his greatest accomplishment over the past years, has been helping others to grow and succeed.  Mike is a critical thinker, who asks hard questions, questions answers, finds truth, motivates action and achieves peak performance with all his teams and colleagues.

  • While the coaching platform of CEO Focus is peer group (mastermind) facilitation, he also works with company owners/senior managers individually on specific issues.
  • Improving Organizational Health
  • Strategic and business planning for organizations.
  • In depth financial and cash flow analysis.
  • Operational systems enhancement and implementation.
  • Interim management support.
  • Sales management planning and development
  • Turnarounds, Sales, Acquisitions and Mergers

Mike Butler can be contacted at mbutler@ceofocus.com


Mike Butler, Regional Director

CEO Focus Metro Denver

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Duane Reed has a wealth of experience extending over 25 years. As the manager of a financial services company for six years, Duane hired, trained and managed over 60 employees. He has facilitated customized, proprietary trainings for NASA, US Army Recruiters and hundreds of companies ranging from Fortune 20 to small businesses. Duane conservatively estimates he has consulted or trained over 4,000 organizations and some 150,000 individual employees, managers, executives and business owners in over 120 different industries. Duane is a contributing author to the book A Guide to Getting It: Remarkable Management Skills.

Duane’s areas of consulting, coaching and training expertise include: Small Business Sustainability and Profitability, Culture Management — Strategic and Tactical Planning, Improve Time-management, Motivation and Productivity, Employee Training and Development – Succession Management, Executive Leadership, Communication and Interaction Skills Development, Team Trust Building and Improving Teamwork, Sales, Marketing, Branding and Customer Service Improvement, Public Speaking and Facilitation, and Improving Life and Work Balance.

  • While the coaching platform of CEO Focus is peer group (mastermind) facilitation, he also works with company owners/senior managers individually on specific issues.
  • Strategic planning
  • Developing business plans for presentations to banks or potential buyers of the organization.
  • Interim management support.
  • Sales management & training.

Duane Reed, Regional Director

CEO Focus Metro Denver

2685 S. Dayton Way Suite 184

Denver, CO 80231

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