What is CEO Focus?

  • We offer local CEO Mastermind Groups for business owners
  • Services provided include monthly one-on-one coaching sessions plus a facilitated monthly live peer group meeting of local business owners
  • Supportive group from non-competitive industries acting as an informal board of directors
  • Groups are lead by talented business professionals who act as coach, mentor, consultant, and more to each member
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CEO Focus is a peer group of like-mined business owners working together in an informal board of directors format.

Typical members are 80% B2B and 20% B2C spanning hundreds of vertical categories and nearly every business type imaginable. Most member organizations are 5-100 employees and $1MM - $50MM in revenue.

Business owners join to:

  • Aid in better decision-making
  • Get access to best and worst practices
  • Have a support network of people who "get" business ownership
  • End the isolation of business ownership (who can the business owner talk to at work?)
  • Create a strategic rhythm by consistently engaging in high-level discussions each month instead of getting lost in the day-to-day business
  • Learn innovative tactics and strategies from CEO Focus members around the globe
  • Become a better CEO

Membership consists of a monthly half-day group meeting plus and individual one-on-one session with the group leader. Clients can engage the group leader to perform additional consulting if needed.


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