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Bill Wylie early retired from a thirty plus year career with a Fortune 500 company. He worked in various engineering, operations, financial management, pricing, contracts, regulatory, marketing, and policy positions. One key role was to be the vice president lead, with full P&L responsibility, to begin a new subsidiary for the corporation. The subsidiary began with one person and grew to about 125 full-time equivalents and over a billion dollars in revenue.

Since early retirement, Bill has been providing consulting services to aid an Oklahoma City company with business development, which has lead to the creation of over three million in new revenues thus far. He also works with a Tulsa energy firm on marketing strategy, marketing tactics, and commodity risk management. For a third firm in New York City, Bill provides advice on legislative, regulatory, and market issues affecting potential capital investments in the central region of the USA. He also has worked with a large multi-state regional non-profit firm on evaluating value added programs or projects for their diverse membership as well as establishing a process for seeking grants. Further, Bill is a founding investment partner and strategic advisor to a new restaurant franchise that has now grown to nine locations in three states.

Bill has formal training in engineering (BSEE) and is a licensed professional engineer. He also earned an MBA with dual emphases in finance and strategy.

  • While the coaching platform of CEO Focus is peer group (mastermind) facilitation, he also works with company owners/senior managers individually on specific issues.
  • Strategic Planning
  • Energy Expert
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Business Model and Plans
  • Organizational Development
  • Marketing and Business Development

William L. Wylie, Regional Director
CEO Focus - Central Oklahoma Region
11209 Woodbridge Road
Oklahoma City, OK 73162

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